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Audio Amplifier Design and Construction


The auditory system of a person requires high quality sound that covers a wide band of frequencies. The natural response of such a sensory system ensures that a person achieves complete and undistorted sound information for easier manipulation and interpretation. This human desire can be achieved through professionally designed audio amplifiers, which generates an amplified high-fidelity audio with standard qualities acceptable by the auditory system. Unprofessional audio amplifiers, which often contain imperfect filters, may unnecessarily magnify noise present in the input signal and cause undesirable disturbances to the listener. This training gives fundamental practical principles to design and implement professional amplifiers. Participants will learn building blocks of high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio amplifiers, and design corresponding electronic circuits to amplify small signals. In addition, concepts of sound acquisition, processing, storage, and transmission will be discussed in detail. The training is hands-on, and participants will practically learn how to design their own Hi-Fi audio amplifiers depending upon the specifications given by the clients.

To equip participants with professional skills in designing and constructing audio amplifiers.

Upon completion of this training, participants are expected to gain knowledge and professional skills to undertake the following tasks:

(1) Describe and apply basic principles of audio amplifier design;
(2) Describe and interpret block diagrams and circuits of audio amplifiers;
(3) Describe the operation of audio amplifiers;
(4) Design and implement tuners, preamps, and audio power amplifiers;
(5) Design circuits for matching transformer power ratings;
(6) Design circuits for adjusting the gain of audio amplifiers; and
(7) Design and implement casing of audio amplifiers.

(1) Fundamental design principles of audio amplifiers
(2) Tuners, preamps, and audio amplifiers
(3) Circuits for matching transformer power ratings
(4) Circuits for adjusting the gain of audio amplifiers
(5) Amplifier casing and packaging

Hobbyists and practitioners in electronics, electronics technicians/engineers, and students majoring in Electronics.

Each registered participant will receive a copy of instructors’ slides and other materials, such as references, papers, and policy documents used during the course.

Participants will be awarded certificates of attendance by the University of Dar es Salaam.

(1) TZS 300,000 (Tanzanians)

(2) USD 300 (Foreigners)

All payments should be made centrally through Control Numbers provided by the University of Dar es Salaam. After registration, a Control Number and invoice will be emailed to you using the information you have provided in the registration system.