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PgD in Electronics Engineering and Information Technology

Objectives and contents

The main objective of the PgD programme in Electronics Engineering and Information Technology is to produce quality Information and Communication Technologies specialists of intellectual standard and high caliber capable of managing and operating information and communication systems. Also, the programme intends to meet current and future needs in the field of information and communication technologies, both in Tanzania and internationally. Specifically, the programme aims to:

  1. To enable graduates to apply knowledge of electronics engineering in analogue and digital circuits and embedded systems.

  2. To enable graduates to have knowledge in the areas of computer organization microprocessors, microcontrollers, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks and intelligent systems.

  3. To equip students with fundamental and advanced concepts of Electronics Engineering and Information technology with particular emphasis on the application of these concepts to further advance the state of technology and to meet the needs of the industry.

  4. To equip students with hands-on experience on key electronics, computer and telecommunications test and measurement equipment.

  5. To equip students with the knowledge to develop appropriate engineering analytical models based on given specifications.

  6. To impart effective leadership and decision-making skills.

  7. To equip students with learning and research skills.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  1. Design, develop, test, configure and maintain information and communications systems by the application of both analogue and digital techniques and using a variety of electronic instruments, development systems and computer software.

  2. Interface analogue and digital systems to provide solutions to a variety of performance and operational problems of a typical Telecommunications network.

  3. Interface computer hardware and software with telecommunications systems used in the transmission of both analogue and digital information.

  4. Evaluate, refine and solve engineering problems requiring the exercise of sound technical judgement and knowledge of engineering principles.

  5. Make an audio/visual/written presentation to convey a body of technical information in a coordinated, comprehensive manner.

  6. Demonstrate qualities of a professional team member specifically in the areas of interpersonal skills, scheduling, working within deadlines and budget restrictions.

Experts with electronics engineering and information technology foundation,

The UDSM minimum entry qualifications will apply with the following additional requirements:

At least a Bachelor's Degree, Advanced Diploma, or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning in relevant fields of specialization certified by TCU with at least an upper second-class award (i.e., overall average of B+). In addition, candidates must have Principal level passes in Physics and Mathematics in A.C.S.E.E.

For Tanzanian students, the school fee for this programme is TZS 6,412,500/= for 24 months (2 years) by coursework and dissertation and TZS 4,200,000 by thesis. For international students, the fee is USD 8,040 for 24 months (2 years) both by thesis and coursework and dissertation. The fee can be paid in 2 instalments annually or in 4 instalments (per semester).

The University may change school fees in each new academic year. Therefore, for accurate/ updated information about fees and other related direct costs paid to the University please visit the webpage on the fees structure for postgraduate programmes under CoICT. See the Registration Process page HERE and UDSM Postgraduate Fees Structure for the 2021/2022 academic year.

For more information about this programme please contact the ETE Department by email through ete@udsm.ac.tz or Telephone +255(0) 222771011. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit us to learn more about this programme at CoICT Kijitonyama Campus along the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Block B Room 012. We are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm, except weekends and public holidays.