Reasearch Group Details

Signal Processing

Group Information

Our research group focuses on developing advanced methods, algorithms, and techniques for processing signals and systems (acquisition, storage, manipulation, analysis, interpretation, and transmission). The group provides consultancy services to local and international communities on all matters related to signals and systems. In essence, we offer intelligible solutions to research problems that hinder the socio-economic development of people. The Signal Processing research group is multidisciplinary, and hence we collaborate with different stakeholders and institutions to advance knowledge and develop practical solutions for the society. Typical solutions include weather prediction, mineral exploration, and interpretation of bio-information.


Our vision is to become the leading research center of excellence in all matters related to signals and systems.


Our mission is to spearhead the development of advanced and novel methods, algorithms, and techniques for processing signals and systems.


The Signal Processing research group undertakes the following specific objectives:

  1. To undertake local and international research and consultancy in all areas of signals and systems;
  2. To train and educate students in signals and systems;
  3. To create awareness and engage the society to reveal critical challenges that can be addressed using signal processing methods and techniques;
  4. To establish sustainable collaboration with local and international research groups and research centers to undertake multidisciplinary research, training, and consultancy;
  5. To communicate and interpret research results to the general public through exhibitions, conferences, invited talks, or other public events;
  6. To establish sustainable professional relationships with industries and stakeholders, and propose intelligible solutions that can address their challenges;
  7. To facilitate the realization and commercialization of research results through entrepreneurship training and intellectual property protection and management;
  8. To provide training programs and workshops in signal processing to advance the professional careers of individuals in industries and academia;
  9. To train graduates that can be employed in universities and industries to perform installation, maintenance, repair, management, and controlling of systems and machines, or to design, realize, implement, and manage such systems and machines; and
  10. To facilitate growth and sustainable development of other research groups with vision and mission similar to ours.  

Group Research Area

The Signal Processing research group covers a wide range of topics:

  • Industrial and medical tomography
  • Radar imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Image and video processing
  • Computer and machine vision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Pattern recognition and analysis.

Group Leadership

Dr. Godwin Gadiel and Dr. Khadija Mkocha are the Principal and Deputy Coordinators of the research group, respectively. The Coordinators can be reached through the following contacts:

Dr. Godwin Gadiel - Email: gmruma@udsm.ac.tz , Mobile: +255(0)713 511 329

Dr. Khadija Mkocha - Email: kmkocha@udsm.ac.tz , Mobile: +255(0)754 580 540



The research group has research staff and postgraduate students:

Research staff

  1. Dr. Abdi Abdalla
  2. Dr. Alfred Mwambela
  3. Dr. Kwame Ibwe
  4. Dr. Isack Bulugu
  5. Dr. Baraka Maiseli
  6. Dr. Mercy Mbise
  7. Dr. Josiah Nombo

Postgraduate students

  1. Mr. Nassor Ally
  2. Mr. Hubert Msuya